Student teaching and fieldwork are a crucial opportunity to learn practical yet important details about working in a library that coursework does not always cover. Essential skills such as book covering, ordering, automating, and budgeting are all tasks we believe are best learned in the field. Part of your job as a student teacher and field observer is to be proactive in gathering this knowledge. Pratt’s LMS program will provide you with a list of potential questions to ask your LMS when (and if!) the school library media center has a slow moment.

When student teaching and observing, you are representing both yourself and Pratt’s LMS program. Do so with pride! Most LMS’s will be thrilled to have you, since a wonderful reputation proceeds you. Let’s keep it that way. Make strong impression to build your professional network. Established LMS’s make excellent mentors and references.

For both student teaching field work and observation:

  • Always confirm appointments via email or phone; don’t just show up.
  • Discuss what the nature of your visit will be prior to the event.
  • Arrive on time! Remember to allow time to check in with security and find the library.
  • Bring ID.
  • Wear smart casual clothing; if you are not sure of the appropriate attire for a school visit, ask the LMS.
  • Be prepared to participate, taking cues from your LMS.

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